Welcome to The Crowded Table

a spiritual social club for all heretics and doubt-filled believers.


What is The Crowded Table?

At the Crowded Table, we bring together folks on their spiritual journey to explore new ideas about Life and Spirituality, cultivate practices that bring peace, and experience joy along the way, so we can heal from the past, learn to love the Now, and shape the future for Good. 

Curated by Kevin Garcia, The Crowded Table is a safe place to land, dip your toes into deconstruction, spread your wings into expansive spirituality, and connect with others on a similar journey back to Love. 

Your membership here gets you a shit ton of sweet perks and supports the creation of really dope video and podcast content that helps others find their way out of their spiritual wildernesses. 

If you've been looking for where to start your journey, this is a great place to begin. 

Dope Reasons to join:

Here are just some of the awesome features of The Crowded Table

  • Access to an incredible community of folks like you who are deconstructing faith, learning how to do spirituality outside of the norm, getting and offering support to others, and engaging with new friends.
  • A private community DISCORD server to talk and chat in real time with others. 
  • Weekly Meditation Group, Wednesdays @ 8 PM ET. 
  • Voting on content, events, and what kinds of things you want to create together. 
  • Exclusive weekly content from Kevin Garcia, including guided meditations, newsletters, curated playlists, and more.
  • Learn more about spiritual practices, progressive and expansive theology, and more through mini-courses + e-courses
  • Join community-led and lead groups, hangouts, and events. 
  • Early access to new projects, registration for events + cohorts.
  • Discounts on merch, events, e-courses, and workshops.

Different Tiers. All the same perks.

You'll notice different prices below. That's cause we've got a sliding scale here, meaning you get to choose what price feels good for you based on your financial situation.

If you've got the extra coin and it feels right, select a higher tier.
If you ain't got it, select a lower tier.

(AND you'll save a chunk if you pay annually.)

Seriously, there's no one is checking up on it, and you can change your plan at anytime. In fact, join The Crowded Table free for a week and if you don't like it, peace out.

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